The Importance Of Finding Your Niche


Niches are at the heart of every successful business, product or service.  There are many different paths you can take to become well known and established.  Just like anything else in the world of the creative entrepreneur, one size does not fit all!  The most effective way to get recognized is to find a niche.  It’s more likely that you’ll become well known for something when you focus in one small area.

The best niche to focus on is one that you feel passionate about.  If you love what you are doing. You will stay dedicated long enough to see success.  Some ways that you could begin to produce your own niche include:
  • Become known for your style
  • Become known Locally or Geographically
  • Become known for a Lifestyle
  • Become known for a Medium/Method or Genre
The most power reason for finding you niche is the expertise and consistency that will come from focusing on that one area.  Eventually, you will become the go-to person/business in that niche market.

Please share your niche market success story in the comments section or tell us about your greatest challenge with finding your niche.  National CEO Network will select the best niche entries to feature in our blog, website, discussion groups and newsletters.

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